5G FR2 Solution

5G FR2 by SWaRT
Pioneering the Future of High-Speed Communication.

  • Infrastructure: Elevate your communication with 5G FR2, the next generation beyond 5G FR1, ideal for fundamental communication needs.
  • Point-to-point devices: Tailored for efficient point-to-point scenarios.
Key Features:
  • Faster internet speeds: 5G FR2 offers superior throughput compared to other communication protocols.
  • Broader bandwidth: Benefit from wider bandwidth, accommodating more users, a distinct advantage of 5G FR2.
Innovative Solutions of SWaRT:
  • Geometric design: Cost-effective integration of planar phase array with geometric structure.
  • Customized scanning algorithm: Proprietary calibration technology and control methods for diverse scenarios.

Potential Application Scenarios

5G FR2

Application Scenarios One

Application Scenarios Two

5G FR2 AiM

Solutions of SWaRT

Ground solution

Maritime solution

5G FR2