5G FR2 Solution

5G FR2 by SWaRT
Pioneering the Future of High-Speed Communication.

  • Infrastructure: Elevate your communication with 5G FR2, the next generation beyond 5G FR1, ideal for fundamental communication needs.
  • Point-to-point devices: Tailored for efficient point-to-point scenarios.
Key Features:
  • Faster internet speeds: 5G FR2 offers superior throughput compared to other communication protocols.
  • Broader bandwidth: Benefit from wider bandwidth, accommodating more users, a distinct advantage of 5G FR2.
Innovative Solutions of SWaRT:
  • Geometric design: Cost-effective integration of planar phase array with geometric structure.
  • Customized scanning algorithm: Proprietary calibration technology and control methods for diverse scenarios.

Potential Application Scenarios

Application Scenarios One

Application Scenarios Two

5G FR2 AiM

Solutions of SWaRT

Ground solution

Maritime solution

5G FR2