Maritime Communication

Maritime Communication

SWaRT Maritime Solutions: Powering Ocean Connectivity


  • Military Support: Unmanned ship teams for enhanced sea protection.
  • Merchant Ships: Seamless internet for uninterrupted sea freight and fishing operations.

Key Features:

  • High Internet Stability: Tailored for the stringent demands of unmanned devices.
  • Vibration Tolerance: UT designed to withstand maritime vibrations.

Innovative Solutions of SWaRT:

  • Dual-Connection Mode: Adaptable modes for different scenarios, ensuring enhanced connectivity.
  • Robust Hardware Design: Engineered for stability in any challenging maritime scenario.

Experience Connectivity Beyond Boundaries with SWaRT:

  • Empower your maritime operations with the cutting-edge solutions from SWaRT.
    Uninterrupted connectivity, wherever the seas take you.

Dual-connection mode system for Maritime

Ship with dual-connection mode antenna

Solutions of SWaRT

Ground solution

Maritime solution

5G FR2