Ground Communication

Ground Communication

SWaRT: Redefining Connectivity for All
  • with groundbreaking ground communication solutions of SWaRT communication solutions:
  • Home Connectivity: Elevate the internet experience with SWaRT for your family.
  • Portable Internet: Say goodbye to connectivity issues during outdoor activities.
  • Merchant Monitoring: Unmanned monitoring for agriculture, power stations, and more.
Key Features:
  • Portable UT: Carry connectivity with ease wherever you go.
  • Affordable Everywhere: Break free from traditional cost constraints.
Innovative Solutions of SWaRT:
  • Compact UT Design: Minimized volume, advanced geometric design.
  • Cost-Effective Excellence: Most cost-effective product with unique RF design in the market design.
Experience the Future:
  • Discover the future of connectivity with SWaRT. Redefine how you connect, anytime, anywhere.

Ku-band planer phase array

Solutions of SWaRT

Ground solution

Maritime solution

5G FR2